About Us

Welcome to Grow Your Ideas!

Thank you for choosing to shop with Grow Your Ideas for all your creative plant needs.

Grow Your Ideas was created to inspire gardeners with the creative possibilities of using different accessories for your plants and planters. Grow Your Ideas stocks a wide range of products which offers you the variety to choose any kind of themed innovative miniature garden.

Grow Your Ideas supplies a wide range of Tillandsia (Air plants), Succulents, and Cacti as well as all the accessories needed to make your own terrariums and themed plant pots.

Miniature gardens and terrariums are perfect for people with limited mobility who would still like to enjoy gardening. The owner of Grow Your Ideas, Ryan, has a physical disability, so he understands the challenges faced by people with lack of mobility but who would still like to enjoy the pleasures of gardening.

Ryan also has a background in Graphic Design and has won many Gardening Awards and is more than happy to share his knowledge of plants and design with our customer base. 

Ryan decided to leave his Graphic Design career behind after feeling quite isolated sitting in front of the computer day after day. The government generously gave Ryan the funding he needed to employ his own support workers to help him with the physical aspects of running a business. With the help of Ryan's amazing support workers he now is able to live his dream of running his own online gardening business.

Thank you for taking the time to read our bio. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, 

Grow Your Ideas Team